Bullshit Sandwich By Katko

Bullshit Sandwich By Katko

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A quick word about Craving Change (NOT political)

Change is the nursery
Of music, joy, life, and eternity. 
-John Dunne

She asks “So, do you ever just sit down and look around, and just crave change? Not too sure what you need, you just know you want something different?” The answer - “All the fucking time”.

There was a time in life when changes came at break-neck speed. Big changes. Life was a sports car and the wheel jerked this way and that, careening into the unknown. Partners & lovers & enemies are chosen, children are born, jobs & apartments & classrooms abandoned in a heap - fading into the rear-view, buried by a rooster tail of dust & smoke & tire rubber. Town to town, state to state, the destination matters not. Getting out of here - is the destination.

Every road leads somewhere.

Eventually the sports car turns into a battle ship. You can’t turn a battle ship on a dime, battle ships don’t careen, they plow – steadily forward. There is real property to dispose of, legal obligations to fulfill, bank-rolls to amass, and medical insurance. But, still, a battle ship can be maneuvered, courses re-plotted. Change can be made in a battle ship – measured, thoughtful changes. Reefs & narrow channels avoided. Currents & weather considered.

Ever had the dream that your walking down the aisles of a grocery store and suddenly realize that your naked? You never stop shopping in those dreams – you don’t hide yourself, or sprint out of the store … you just keep shopping. Exposed, vulnerable, different, wrong. 

Sometimes when you crave change, the world feels like a gigantic, over-lit Piggly-Wiggly and everyone can see you - in all of your pitiful flaccidity & impotence, and the change you crave is to reunite with your humanity.

& so the engine room is notified, and slowly the ship comes about...

Because, you can never go back to that fucking Piggly Wiggly.

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